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Harry D.
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Careful. I've got a coconut.


And I'm not afraid to use it.

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Rowenn by Tevarro
"You wouldn't know pleasure without knowing pain first."


Ariadne's sister is back - and looking better than ever!

Rowenn took quite the overhaul - not just looks, but skills as well. Decided to ditch her traditional necromancy/ice magic with drug-fueled pyro magic!

It's still in the works, but in the Odium universe, there's two ways to gain Espadan 'magic' - years of meditation, training, and devotion to the Creator, or constantly consuming distilled demon blood known as Odium. Rowenn apparently took the latter. But could it be possible she did both?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Rowenn (c) Tevarro
Mama Snake - Alternate Outfits by Tevarro
Mama Snake - Alternate Outfits
Three outfits for one character - yay!

After learning DiePestArzt's little contest, I decided to try working on alternate outfits of her characters - starting off with my fave, Mama Snake

I couldn't help but design the outfits with an RPG taste in mind: Each outfit focuses on a certain set of Mama Snake's known abilities (voodoo/curses, physical combat, root doctor/healing) so they can complement with other abilities of her friends in Terra Firma. The background of the second outfit, Mamba, is a nod to Mama Snake's duel with my OC Elianne during a previous contest from the same artist, implying that the Mamba - and perhaps the other outfits as well - may be a little gift to her for challenging the likes of the Nimean Punisher of Avado.

I'm not sure this can be considered as my official entry to the current contest. It's more like a creative exercise to get my mind and hands warmed-up for the actual entry. It's also a hint of what my entry might look like in terms of what I plan to do with the characters of Terra Firma, hehe.

As for Mama Snake's artist - hope you and Mama Snake like these outfits!


Mama Snake (c) DiePestArzt 
Outfit Designs by Tevarro 
23 deviations

Well, I’m back.




I do apologize for my hiatus. It seems the cycles of hiati won’t end. But looking on the bright side, it’s a good thing that a hiati does not result to my permanent absence. After missing those coffee-fueled nights of frantically punching my pen onto the tablet in an attempt to create this thing called art, I decided to return to drawing.

Which also meant returning to world of dA. And returning to my works.

My old, old works.

Have you ever tried leaving your works for so long that you no longer see them as your beloved babies, but as aged fragments of your past? I think I have. And I feel an urge. An urge to purge.

Yes. I’m having thoughts of purging my gallery. After several works and reworks on Project Abigail, I decided to shelf the project and return to Project Hellion. After returning to Project Hellion, I realized that my characters seriously need a makeover.

An overhaul. To the point that the project has now been renamed to Project Odium. Hellion was just a working title, after all, so I guess it was never meant to be its final title. Such a change in the project will take some time to transition (I have yet to do the actual rename in my dA folder), but part of the transitioning process will be to snuff out my past works of Project Hellion. Purge them.

Well, I’m actually just going to put them in storage. Purge just sounds cooler, hehe. I’ll probably not store them all – but most of them, yes.

And why must I commit to the purge? Because they’re old. Outdated. I’ve always had this... cringe... every time I see my old works. And considering my style has been changed since working on Project Abigail, I think my new style would look out of place with my old one.

Just think of it as a matter of replacing my works. Out with the old, in with the new. Like this.

Project Odium - Character Overhaul by Tevarro

Recognize any of them? They may be my old characters, but they've been revised. Re-envisioned. Hope you like them. It's going to be like that for the next few works. 

So yeah. Purging time.   

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InkyShade Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sooooo sorry for being such a lazy jerk but here is the part of our art trade I've been owing you since forever :stare:

Really, sorry for being such an ass >.<
Back then I was kinda busy, then I forgot about it and today I remembered again and finally finished it with their new designs.

I'm horrible and you are alowed to hate me now for being so unreliable :no:
Shame on me, haha.

Tevar0 by InkyShade  
RokasR Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Greatly appreciate the fav :)
Tevarro Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome!
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You got a good gallery. Keep drawing.
Tevarro Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! You too!
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Thanks so much for the watch!!!!
Tevarro Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Thanks for the watch :)
Tevarro Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! Definitely looking forward to more creatures to behold.
Wucke Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Student
Nice to hear ;)
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